Spectator Tickets

2016 National Championships

@ Harbord Collegiate Institute,

*Single day passes will be $5 more at the door. Weekend passes will be $10 more at the door.

Registered Athletes

9 Athletes 3 Athletes 6 Athletes 10 Athletes 12 Athletes 81 Athletes 1 Athlete

Male Junior 8-9

Male Junior 10-11

Male Junior 12-13

Male Junior 14-15

Male Junior 16-17

Elite 18-40

Male Master 41-55

3 Athlete  1 Athlete  4 Athletes  4 Athletes  3 Athletes 30 Athletes 1 Athlete

Female Junior 8-9

Female Junior 10-11

Female Junior 12-13

Female Junior 14-15

Female Junior 16-17

Female Elite 18-40

Female Master 41-55

Tournament Information

Muaythai Canada welcomes you to participate in this landmark event; the 2016 National Championships marks the first ever Canadian Muaythai Championship open to all experiences of athlete. Athletes who place in the Championships will qualify for the National Team that will represent Canada at the 2016 Pan Am Championships in Lima Peru and the 2017 IFMA World Championships (Belarus) and Youth World Championships (TBD).

We are excited to see the progress that amateur Muaythai has been making worldwide and within our country, and we look forward to welcoming all the provinces and territories in Toronto for a celebration of our sport. Ontario, which held the 2015 Pan Am games, has seen a renewed investment in its amateur sport system; hosting the 2016 National Muaythai Championships will mark an important step in moving Muaythai towards recognition with Sport Canada and the Canada Games Council.

Proceeds from the event will be reinvested back in to the National Team to assist with the travel, training, and accommodation expenses that put international competition out of reach for many. We are committed to the development of the sport and investing in the community.

Please find all of the tournament registration information below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration Fees & Refunds

Athlete registration fees for the 2016 National Muaythai Tournament are as follows:

$20 Early Registration until September 18th
$60 Standard Registration until October 9th
$90 Late Registration until October 23rd

Refunds will only be offered to athletes who did not get to compete due to a bracket being closed out.

Refunds will not be provided to athletes who drop from competition, are disqualified from competition, or fail to meet all their registration requirements (e.g. failing a medical examination).


All ages and experiences will be welcomed at the 2016 National Championships. For a detailed breakdown of the divisions and the rules per division, please see the rules and regulations.

A maximum of 8 competitors will be entered per division, as well as 4 alternates. Individuals who register as alternates will be placed in a division should an athlete drop from competition. If a registered athlete does not get the opportunity to compete due to the bracket remaining full, they will receive a refund.

Experience Classifications

An athlete’s experience across all full contact, striking based combative sports (Muaythai, Kickboxing, Sanshou, MMA, Boxing, etc) contests is considered when determining their experience class. All levels of competition are considered, including but not limited to judged contests, demonstrations, smokers, and exhibitions.

Athletes with considerable experience outside of Muaythai may require additional review by the Technical Committee before determining the appropriate experience class for competition.

Athletes with professional experience may only compete in A Class and above, however athletes with some semi-professional experience (e.g. a low level fight in Thailand) may submit a request to compete in B Class should they be within the 9 contest limit.

Please refer to Rule 4 for definitions of a “contest” and “full contact”.

Junior 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13 Experience Classes

MTC Expertience Class - Junior 8-9, 10-11, 12-13

Junior 14-15 and 16-17 Experience Classes

MTC Expertience Class - Junior 14-15, 16-17, Elite, Master

Elite 18-40 Experience Classes

Master 41-55 Experience Classes

MTC Expertience Class - Junior 14-15, 16-17, Elite, Master

Falsified Competetive Records

If an athlete is discovered to have submitted a falsified competitive record they will be disqualified from competition. Should multiple athletes from the same club be found with falsified records the remainder of the team will be removed from their division until registration closes. After registration closes they will be transferred to the highest experience class available for their age and weight, should any space remain.

Coaches should take great care in the records submitted, and if uncertain should contact Muaythai Canada in advance of submitting a registration.

Medical Check-Up and Weigh-In

All contestants competing in the 2016 National Championships must have a completed Medical Declaration dated after November 12th, 2015. Athletes age 16 and older must complete the blood testing portion of the declaration as well.

In addition, a Medical Check-up and Weigh-in will occur in the morning of each day of competition. It is not advised to rely on a significant cut in water weight in order to make weight in a division. Instead, register for a weight class that is close to the athlete’s training weight to avoid missing weight or affecting performance/safety. Voluntary division changes are available at a fee for those who wish to alter the weight at which they are registered.


Gloves, head guards, shin guards, elbow guards, and body protectors will be provided for each athlete at the National Championships. Athletes should bring their own groin, mouth (and for females, chest) guards, as well as their own hand wraps and tape.

Qualifying for the 2017 National Team

In previous years Canada has selected its National Team through an application process. This year all National Team hopefuls must register for the National Championships.

Competitors who place in the following divisions will be able to participate on the Canadian National Team at upcoming events.

Elite A Qualifiers

Junior 16-17 A

Junior 14-15 A

Junior 12-13 B

Junior 10-11 B

Athlete’s who place in the Muaythai Canada Male Elite Qualifiers division can then choose to compete at either IFMA Elite Class (formerly IFMA A Class) or IFMA Competitive Class (Formerly IFMA B Class). An athlete who places 1st gets first pick, an athlete who places 2nd gets second pick, etc.


Athletes who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their division will receive medals for their achievement. Divisions will have a maximum of 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 2 bronze medals awarded.

Additional recognition will be awarded for the following notable achievements:

Best Junior Athlete Best Female Athlete Best Male Athlete Best Team
Best Junior Wai Kru Best Female Wai Kru Best Male Wai Kru

Seconds (Coaches & Corners)

For insurance and liability purposes, Seconds must also be registered as members of Muaythai Canada or their respective provincial sport organization in order to participate in competition. Athletes who are registered may also perform duties as a Second.

Seconds must be appropriately dressed according to the Muaythai Canada rules and regulation. Seconds may wear flat heeled athletic shoes and non-offensive athletic apparel. Jeans, shorts, hats, and open toe footwear are not permitted.

An athlete is permitted only two Seconds (1 coach, 1 corner) at ringside, one of whom may mount the apron and the other who may enter the ring. During an active round both Seconds must remain seated.

Technical Officials

The 2016 National Championships will primarily be making use of Technical Officials provided by the host province’s sport organization, Muaythai Ontario. Technical Officials from other provinces who are interested in officiating at the National Championships should contact Muaythai Canada, as we are looking at holding development courses immediately prior to the tournament.


Muaythai Canada is excited to partner with Harbord Collegiate Institute as the host location for the 2016 National Championships. By holding the Championships at Harbord C.I. we hope to provide more opportunities to students and youth through involvement in sport while promoting awareness of amateur Muaythai to a new generation of athletes.


Hotel Accommodations

Muaythai Canada has arranged for an open block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Bloor Yorkville, securing tournament participants a discounted rate for their stay in Toronto from Friday, November 11th to Sunday November 13th. Located two subway stops east of Harbord C.I., the Holiday Inn provides a convenient location for a larger group to stay together.

The rates for the Holiday Inn are as follows:

  • 1 Queen Bed (Single/Double Occupancy): $175/night
  • 2 Double Beds (Single/Double Occupancy): $175/night
  • 2 Double Beds (Triple/Quad Occupancy): $185/night

Reservations can be booked:

  1. On-Line: www.hitorontoblooryorkville.ca
    1. Click the above link to be connected to the hotel on-line booking page.
    2. Enter arrival and departure date then click “View Rates”.
    3. Click on Group Code.
    4. Enter Group Code: MTC
  2. Central Reservations: 1-877-859-5897
  3. Hotel Direct: Phone: 416-968-0010
  4. E-mail: cn312res@whg.com, with the following reservation form.

Rooms are limited, and must be reserved prior to 5pm on Tuesday, October 11th. Prepayment is not required and a room can be released as late as November 10th without penalty.


The area surrounding Harbord C.I. has numerous Airbnb options due to its concentration of housing. For smaller groups that might not fill a 4 person hotel room, Airbnb presents an inexpensive way to stay extremely close to the event.

Alternative Accommodations

Siam No. 1 and 6ix MMA (formerly Black Devil MMA) have graciously offered up their gyms to travelers who wish to forgo any accommodation expense during the National Championships. 6ix MMA is walking distance to Harbord C.I., and Siam No. 1 is a few stops west on the subway line and both gyms are equipped with shower facilities. If you are interested in camping at Siam No. 1 or 6ix MMA, please email us such that we can coordinate your stay with the owners.

Register for the 2016 National Tournament