November 2016 saw the largest Muaythai tournament in Canadian history; the 2016 National Championships broke records, and set the stage for the 2017 National Team. The top athletes from each division have now earned their chance to take on the world at the 2017 Muaythai World Championships in Minsk, Belarus from May 3 to May 13. This tournament is the highest level of international amateur Muaythai competition, with over 100 countries sending their best.

Nine athletes – 4 women, and 5 men – from across Canada form the 2017 team, accompanied a head coach and six secondary coaches (many being the full time trainers of the team’s athletes). These athletes and coaches are Canada’s best – competing year round against tough Canadian and international opponents, demonstrating the tenacity and dedication it takes to reach the pinnacle of their sport. These athletes all have bright futures in the sport of Muaythai and will wear represent the maple leaf with pride in Belarus!

Female Athletes

Isabelle Lacroix

Elite 51 kg / 112.4 lbs

Ashley Nichols

Elite 54 kg / 119 lbs

Candice Mitchell

Elite 57 kg / 125.7 lbs

Olivia Loth

Elite 60 kg / 132.3 lbs

Male Athletes

Dylan Wharton

Competitive 57 kg / 125.7 lbs

Andy Tran

Competitive 67 kg / 147.7 lbs

Scott Mackenzie

Competitive 75 kg / 165.3 lbs

Ryan James

Competitive 81 kg / 178.6 lbs

Timothy Lo

Elite 86 kg / 189.6 lbs

Team Coach

Kru Clifton Brown

Team Coach

Canada is a big country, and this year the team has taken a significant step in bringing it closer together with the first ever Canadian nomination of a team coach.

The 2017 National Team is joined by Kru Clifton Brown; a 5x professional world champion, having held the World Muaythai Council Super Light Heavyweight title for 6 years from 2003 to 2009. Kru Clifton was also a team coach on season 2 of The Contender Asia. He brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the Canadian team as they enter what will be one of the toughest World Championships to date.

Support the 2017 Team

International competition is expensive- specialized training and dieting, flights, accommodation, equipment, visa fees- it all adds up and as amateurs those costs tend to be carried by the athletes and coaches directly. In order to support the Canadian team, Muaythai Canada has partnered with In Fight Style to establish a fundraiser on Make A Champ that will assist the team with their financial responsibilities so that they can put a greater emphasis on training.

Exclusive team apparel designed by In Fight Style is available for purchase, with 100% of the profit being contributed to the National Team. Shorts, shirts, tanks, and track suits are available at a pre-order discount, however contributions can be made without selecting anything as a reward- ensuring that your entire donation makes it to the team.

Team Sponsors

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