The contest lists for each ring Saturday, November 11th have been published!
Please note, these are only the lists of athletes scheduled to compete on Saturday. We will follow up very soon with a list of athletes who received byes to the finals on Sunday, or were in two person divisions.
Unfortunately some athletes have no competition due to their opponents not showing up. We’ll post a list of these athletes as well and will reach out by email.

To download a copy of Ring A’s Contest List, click here.

To download a copy of Ring B’s Contest List, click here.

The following athletes received byes to the finals, and will be competing on Sunday:

Carmen Nguyen York Muay Thai
Kiara Watson TKMT
Jodie Greeley 8 Limb Muay Thai
Meaghan Cameron Champions Creed
Jules Beardy Nak Muay Gym [Winnipeg]
Liam Macfadyen Tina Takahashi / Golden Lion Khun Khmer
kenny nguyen Siam Muay Thai
Praveen Appuhamy York Muay Thai
Brian Malile Siam No. 1
Evan Thomson Milton Muay Thai
Noah Bider Pound 4 Pound MMA
Matt Campbell Krudar Muay Thai
Peyton Corrigan Kalsamrit Muay Thai
Fatin Jalal Southside Muay Thai
Jakob Pansieri Sam Lumpini Gym
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