In November of 2016, Muaythai Canada’s held its first ever National Championships; an event that set the stage for the 2017 Canadian National Muaythai Team by qualifying athletes from around the country. As you may have seen, in just over a week the Elite (adult) portion of the team will be participating in the IFMA World Championships in Belarus.

2017 Youth National Team

Not long after the World Championships, IFMA will be hosting the Youth World Championships in Bangkok Thailand from August 3rd to 11th. Just as the 2016 Canadian National Championships qualified athletes for Belarus, so too were the following young athletes qualified to represent Canada in Thailand:

Athlete Gender Age Weight
Kiauna Safranko Female 12-13 42 kg
Savannah Foden Female 16-17 57 kg
Riley Foden Male 14-15 42 kg
Liam Detlor Male 14-15 45 kg
Peyton Corrigan Male 14-15 63.5 kg
Ethan Cook Male 16-17 60 kg

Qualifying Additional Athletes

Youth competition is very important to Muaythai Canada, and we’ve decided to hold an additional qualifying event in order to allow additional athletes the opportunity to participate on the Canadian Youth National Team- here’s why:

More Competitive Opportunities

Youth Muaythai still is still in its infancy, and competitive opportunities are just not as plentiful for youth athletes as they are for adults. By fostering more frequent competition open to a greater number of athletes, we hope to build both the interest and quality of youth competitors nation wide. We want Canadian youth to realize the benefits of participation and competition in muaythai, as well as to get an early start in training the next Olympians.

Young Athletes Age and Grow… Quickly

In the interest of safety, divisions for youth competition are fairly tight; age categories are 2 years wide, and weights are 2-3 kg apart. We understood by holding the 2016 National Championships nearly 9 months prior to the 2017 Youth World Championships that some flexibility would be needed for the athletes who qualified; understandably some of the youth athletes who participated in Nationals are now in a different division by age, weight, or both. By holding a second qualifying event closer to the Youth World Championships we’ll be able to select from a pool of athletes that should remain fairly similar to their competitive division two months later (though growth spurts do occur!).

The 2017 Youth Team Qualifiers

To this end, Muaythai Canada has partnered with Muaythai Ontario in order to make use of the 2017 Ontario Provincial Championships as an additional opportunity for Canadian youth athletes to qualify for the National Team that will represent Canada in Thailand.

All junior divisions (C, B, and A) will be open to participants Canada wide, while the Elite (adult) divisions will be restricted to residents of Ontario/members of Ontario clubs. Of the junior divisions, the following will qualify youth athletes for the National Team:

Age  Qualifying Experience Class Female Weights Already Qualified Male Weights Already Qualified
Junior 10-11 B Class
Junior 12-13 B Class 42 kg
Junior 14-15 A Class 42 kg, 45 kg, 63.5 kg
Junior 16-17 A Class 57 kg 60 kg

More Information & Registration at Muaythai Ontario

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