By Ryan McKinnon & Peyton Corrigan

Our first featured athlete in Muaythai Canada’s “2017 Youth Team Spotlight” campaign is Peyton ‘Princess’ Corrigan. Don’t let his nickname fool you. He is no damsel in distress. Rather, Peyton is a serious athlete who just returned home from the Thai Boxing Association’s World Muaythai Expo in Iowa, placing first in his division.

Like most Canadian boys, Peyton began his athletic journey in hockey, playing rep for 8 years. An interest in joining a wrestling team led him to Kalsamrit Gym in Bowmanville, Ontario. As luck would have it, Peyton discovered Muaythai at Kalsamrit, and fell in love with the art of 8 limbs immediately. Peyton tells Muaythai Canada, “I played hockey for 1 more year at the rep level, and then had to decide on which way I wanted to continue (my athletic career). Well for me this was a no-brainer; Muaythai all the way!” Many of us in the Canadian Muaythai community can totally relate to Peyton’s story.

The commitment to training, the team atmosphere, the high level of physical fitness, and the development of mental determination all resonated with Corrigan, who learned these skills as a very competitive hockey player. The two worlds meshed neatly for him. “Kalsamrit Gym is like a second family to me, and I always strive to improve. At our gym we train as a family and fight as a team.” Besides Muaythai, Peyton also trains and competes in BJJ, Boxing and Wrestling. Perhaps the next GSP is right under our noses?

Peyton will be traveling to Bangkok at the beginning of August to compete against the World’s best young nak muay alongside his Canadian teammates. When asked what being a part of the Canadian Youth National Team meant to him, he replied, “it makes me feel very proud not only for myself, but for my fellow teammates. I will have the pleasure of meeting more athletes and new people as well as traveling with my best friends and cousin.” Corrigan’s training camp consists of training twice a day, which is hard work for any athlete. The dedication from Peyton is inspirational. Most kids spend their summers at the cottage, or wasting away in front of a screen. Instead, Peyton and his coaches have sacrificed their time to take pursue a once-in-a-lifetime goal that can lead to greater experiences, both in and out of the ring.

Peyton concludes our interview by stating, “I would really like to honour my family, my coach, my gym, my community, Muaythai Canada and my country by winning in Thailand this year at the Youth World Championships.” As he continues to grow as a person and athlete, we ask that you contribute to his passion by donating what you can to his personal page.

For more information about our Youth National Team please visit the team’s donation page. Let’s come together to literally give our athletes a fighting chance in Bangkok. Go Canada!

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