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Spectator tickets for the 2018 National Championship are available for purchase below. Online sales will end at 11:30pm on Friday, October 19th, after which tickets must be purchased at the door.

Adult 1 Day


$40 at the door


Adult 2 Day


$60 at the door





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Youth 1 Day


$30 at the door


Youth 2 Day


$50 at the door


Want to attend the 2018 National Championship for free? Consider contacting us about volunteering!

Muaythai Canada invites you to participate in the 2018 National Championship, held at the Markham Pan Am Centre from October 19th to 21st, 2018. Gold medalists in qualifying divisions at the National Championship will have the opportunity to represent Canada on the 2018-2019 National Team, participating in events such as the 2018 Pan Am Championship (December), the 2019 World Championship (May), and the 2019 Youth World Championship (August).

New Tournament Registration Platform!

This year we are working with RSportz, a third-party tournament management program that will show live division registration updates, schedule, and results. This means registration will be a little different than last year. Please take your time to carefully go through all details, instructions, and requirements by clicking one of the topics below.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Event Information & Schedule

Tournament Dates: October 19th – 21st, 2018


  • Wednesday, October 17th
    • 23:59 EST: Last day to submit 2018 MTC Competitive Memberships (For Athletes & Coaches), Medical (Annual & Lab Tests) information, and Background Checks for Ontario Coaches
  • Friday October 19th  
    • 17:00 – 20:00 EST: Athlete Accreditation, Mandatory First Medical Check, Weigh-in, Coach Accreditation
    • 20:15 – 21:00 EST: Rules Meeting
    • 22:00 – 23:00 EST: Expected posting of Saturday competition schedule on
  • Saturday October 20th
    • 8:00 – 10:00 EST: Competition Medical Check, Weigh-in, Additional Coach Accreditation
    • 12:00 – 13:00 EST: Opening Ceremonies
    • 13:00 – 19:00 EST: Quarter Finals & Semi-Finals competition
    • 22:00 – 23:00 EST: Expected posting of Sunday competition schedule on
  • Sunday October 21st
    • 8:00 – 10:00 EST: Competition Medical Check, Weigh-in, Additional Coach Accreditation
    • 12:00 – 19:00 EST: Finals competition, Medal Ceremony

Tournament Venue: Markham Pan Am Centre

Tournament Address: 16 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON L3R 2E4

Athlete Eligibility: Canadian, Members of Muaythai Canada

Age Categories: All ages

Experience Classes: All

Registration Fees & Refunds

Athlete Registration fees for the 2018 Canadian National Championship are as follows:

Ends 11:59 pm EST Adult Youth
Early Registration August 19th $50 registration +$35 uniform $40 registration +$35 uniform
Standard Registration September 16th $80 registration +$35 uniform $65 registration +$35 uniform
Late Registration October 5th $115 registration +$35 uniform $100 registration +$35 uniform
Rush Registration October 7th $160 registration +$35 uniform $140 registration +$35 uniform


Refunds will only be offered to athletes who did not get to compete due to a bracket being closed out.

Refunds will not be provided to athletes who drop from competition, are disqualified from competition, who move from a competition bracket where opponents were available, or fail to meet all their registration requirements (e.g. failing a medical examination, not having the required blood tests).

For those eligible, refunds will be processed within 2 weeks following competition.

Division Change Request

Should a registered athlete wish to change their competitive division (weight, age, or experience), an administration fee will be applied depending on the date the request is made.

$30 until September 16th, 2018
$40 until October 5th, 2018
$50 until October 19th, 2018

Please complete a division change request in order to move registered divisions.

This form allows an athlete (or their authorized representative) who is registered in a Muaythai Ontario tournament to change their registered competitive division. The athlete must still meet the eligibility requirements of the new division.

Division change fees are non-refundable, and if an athlete is moving from a division in which they have an opponent they will not be eligible for a refund on their tournament fee, either.

See the Divisions on RSportz here!

Tournament Format: Single Elimination

The 2018 Canadian National Muaythai Championship is a single elimination tournament. For uneven divisions, byes are determined at random.

Competitive Divisions

All ages and experiences will be welcomed at the 2018 Canadian National Muaythai Championship. For a detailed breakdown of the divisions and the rules per division, please see the rules and regulations.

A maximum of 8 competitors will be entered per division.

Experience Classifications

An athlete’s experience across all full contact, striking based combative sports (Muaythai, Kickboxing, Sanshou, MMA, Boxing, etc) contests is considered when determining their experience class. All levels of competition are considered, including but not limited to judged contests, demonstrations, smokers, and exhibitions (demos).

Athletes with considerable experience outside of Muaythai may require additional review by a Technical Committee before determining the appropriate experience class for competition.

Athletes with professional experience may only compete in A Class and above, however athletes with some semi-professional experience (e.g. a low level fight in Thailand) may submit a request to compete in B Class should they be within the 9 contest limit.

Please refer to Rule 4 for definitions of a “contest” and “full contact”.

Junior 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13 Experience Classes

Junior 14-15 and 16-17 Experience Classes

Elite 18-40 Experience Classes

Mater 41-55 Experience Classes

Falsified Competitive Records

If an athlete is discovered to have submitted a falsified competitive record they will be disqualified from competition. Should multiple athletes from the same club be found with falsified records the remainder of the team will be removed from their division until registration closes.

Coaches should take great care in the records submitted, and if uncertain should contact Muaythai Canada in advance of submitting a registration.

Annual Medical & Blood Tests (HIV, Hep B Surface Antigen, Hep C)

All contestants in the 2018 Canadian National Muaythai Championship must have a completed Medical Declaration Form dated after October 19th, 2017.

Athletes age 16 and older must complete the blood testing portion of the declaration as well. All lab tests must also be dated after October 19th, 2017.

It’s advised to review the blood test results before and after you receive test results. Incorrect lab tests must be redone and resubmitted to Muaythai Canada prior to competition. The required lab tests are: HIV Antibody (HIVAb), Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), and Hepatitis C Antibody (HCVAb).

It is the athlete’s responsibility to be aware of lab test processing times (varies by location), and Muaythai Canada information processing times (5-7 business days). Where possible, look for lab testing locations that provide digital results for a faster turnover (For example, Lifelabs).

Any medicals submitted 2-5 business days prior to competition is subject to a $25 rush information processing fee. Athletes must have all medicals updated on Muaythai Ontario or Muaythai Canada Online Passports by October 17th.  No medicals or paperwork will be accepted on the first day of Weigh-ins (Friday).

Medical Check-Up & Weigh-In

Athletes competing in the 2018 National Championship may have to weigh in up to 3 times:

  1. Every athlete weigh in the evening of October 19th, 2018.
  2. Athletes who compete on Saturday will also weigh in on the morning of October 20th.
  3. Athletes who compete on Sunday will also weigh in on the morning of October 21st.

The schedule of athletes competing on Saturday & Sunday will not be published until after weigh-ins on Friday.

It is not advised to rely on a significant cut in water weight in order to make weight in a division. Instead, register for a weight class that is close to the athlete’s training weight to avoid missing weight or affecting performance/safety. Division changes are available at a fee for those who wish to alter the weight at which they are registered.

Competition Equipment

Gloves, head guards, shin guards, elbow guards, and body protectors will be provided for each athlete at the Canadian National Muaythai Championship. Athletes should bring their own groin, mouth (and for females, chest) guards, as well as their own hand wraps and tape.

Please note that Muaythai Canada’s tournament rules are in effect: only a single strip of tape is permitted to secure wraps on the wrist (with no tape permitted on the athlete’s hands) and anklets may not be used.

Athlete Competitive Uniform

Athletes participating in the 2018 Muaythai Canada National Championship will be provided a competitive uniform consisting of 2 singlets (red & blue) and 1 pair of shorts (black). The uniform comes at a cost of $35 and is charged in addition to the tournament registration fee. When an athlete registers for a division on Rsportz, the total (registration + uniform) will be charged at one time.

Qualifying for the 2018-2019 National Team

All athletes that wish to participate on the Canadian National Team must register for the National Championships.

Athletes who podium in the following divisions will be eligible to move on to the Canadian National Team pool:

Elite Qualifiers
Junior 16-17 A Junior 14-15 A Junior 12-13 B Junior 10-11 B

Muaythai Canada recognizes that not all National Team athletes perform at the same level. As part of our commitment to ongoing athlete development, each athlete will undergo a performance assessment by a panel of coaches in order to determine the level of international competition to which they are best suited. For example, an athlete may be identified for competition at the North American or Pan American Championship, but require further development before competing in the World Championship.

Athlete’s who podium in the Muaythai Canada Male Elite Qualifiers division may be selected to compete at either IFMA Male Elite Class or IFMA Male Competitive Class.

Awards for Notable Achievement

Athletes who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their division will receive medals for their achievement. Divisions will have a maximum of 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 2 bronze medals awarded.

Additional recognition will be awarded for the following notable achievements:

Best Team
Best Junior Athlete Best Female Athlete Best Male Athlete
Best Junior Wai Kru Best Female Wai Kru Best Male Wai Kru
Best Sportsmanship Best Official Best Volunteer

Club Registration

All Ontario based clubs must be current, fully registered members of Muaythai Ontario with annual membership payments up to date and no outstanding balances owing to MTO.

Seconds (Coaches & Corners)

Accreditation for Seconds will only take place during the medical check & weigh-in period Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning.

Seconds must be registered as members of Muaythai Canada, and will also be required to pre-register with Rsportz (coming soon).

Seconds must be appropriately dressed according to the Muaythai Canada Rules and Regulations. Seconds may wear flat heeled athletic shoes and non-offensive athletic apparel. Jeans, shorts, hats, and open toe footwear are not permitted.

An athlete is permitted only two Seconds (1 coach, 1 corner) at ringside, one of whom may mount the apron and the other who may enter the ring. During an active round both Seconds must remain seated.

Ontario based Seconds must have completed their background screening in order to participate in competition.

Technical Officials

The 2018 National Championship will primarily be making use of Technical Officials provided by the host province’s sport organization, Muaythai Ontario. Technical Officials from other provinces who are interested in officiating at the National Championships should contact Muaythai Canada, as we are looking at holding development courses immediately prior to the tournament.

Officials must be registered as members of Muaythai Canada. Ontario based Officials must have completed their background screening in order to officiate in competition.

Venue: Markham Pan Am Centre

Muaythai Canada is excited to partner with the Markham Pan Am Centre (16 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON L3R 2E4, Canada). Opened in November 2014, the Markham Pan Am Centre is a multi-purpose sport facility for training, competition, and sport event hosting. Constructed for the 2015 Pan American and ParaPan American Games, the facility has been built to world-class standards and features.

Competition will take place in a 36,000 sqft gymnasium with room for 15 badminton, 7 volleyball, and 3 basketball courts.

Register for the 2018 National Championship