To foster a nationwide community of Muaythai practitioners, establishing Canada as a leading country in the development and support of world class talent with representation from each of the provinces and territories.


To enable our athletes to succeed on the world stage by developing a standard for the sport and culture of amateur Muaythai in Canada through programs that provide the highest quality structural, educational, competitive, and financial support across the country.



Make every decision with the athlete’s well being in mind.


Do what’s right, keep our commitments, and lead by example.


Treat all members equally, be consistent in our actions, and respect all backgrounds, experiences, & beliefs.


Pursue new knowledge, remain open minded, and be at the forefront of amateur combative sport policy & operations.


“One World, One Muaythai”

— International Federation of Muaythai Amateur

Muaythai Canada is Canada’s Official National Federation for Amateur Muaythai as recognized by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (“IFMA”). Formed in 2003 as the Canadian Muay Thai Council, the National Sport Organization relaunched in 2015 as Muaythai Canada under the new unification standards set out by IFMA.

IFMA bears the responsibility and duty of being the sole world-recognized international amateur Muaythai federation, promoting the sport and art of Muaythai around the globe. With the objective of total unification of all 130 member national federations, working mutually for the sport and the athletes, IFMA has been making the only push for official recognition of Muaythai by the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”).

Working towards the goal of bringing Muaythai to the Olympics, IFMA became fully recognized as an International Federation by SportAccord in 2006. In 2008, the IFMA World Championships were held as a part of The Association for International Sport for All’s “World Sport for All Games”, making it the first Muaythai event under the patronage of the IOC. 2010 marked the year when Muaythai was one of the 13 world recognized combat sport to be part of the World Combat Games in Beijing under the IOC, and the second edition of the event was held in 2013 in St Petersburg, Russia. The 2015 SportAccord Convention in Sochi marked a following milestone for IMFA as the International University Sports Federation (“FISU”) officially recognized Muaythai through signing an agreement between FISU and IFMA.

Board of Directors


Robin Finley

Starting Muaythai in 1997, Robin participated in 10 amateur competitions at the same time as raising a family. From 2006 to 2015 Robin held the position of President with the CMTC-A. Living in Calgary, Alberta, he has been involved in many re-writes of the city’s combat sport bylaws.

Robin holds a BA in Political Science and an honours diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology, and works with the second largest drilling company in Canada.

General Secretary

Michael Reid

Michael has been a student of Muaythai since 2009, and is pursuing both competitive and instructional avenues in the sport. A 2 time amateur tournament champion, he has taught at multiple schools throughout Toronto, where he currently resides.

Michael is an accountant by trade and is employed in the financial services industry, where he works with data analytics and reporting.

Athletic Development

Grant Turner

Grant began training Muaythai in 2011, and has since been actively involved in the community as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Consultant. He holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology, a certificate in Human Performance Training, and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Currently in Stouffville , Grant manages multiple fitness facilities and trains a variety of athletes.

Officials Development

Brian Edwards

Brian started with martial arts at the age of 4, training throughout his life and finding Muaythai in 1997.  He opened his Mississauga gym, Training Ground Muay Thai, in 2005 and has since established himself as one of Canada’s best referees in amateur Muaythai.

An IFMA certified Official, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to the training programs that will be put in place throughout the country.

Director of Western Canada

Jason Fenton

Jason has a long Muaythai career that started in 1993 and saw him through 57 competitions. He won several titles and faced some of the biggest names in the golden era of Muaythai such as Jongsanan Fairfax and Kongnapa.

Jason has been instructing Muaythai since 1995, and in 2008 moved to Vancouver to open his gym Iron City Muaythai, where he continues to coach the current generation of Canadian athletes.

Director of Central Canada

Jenypher Lanthier

Jenypher first became involved in Muaythai in 1998. She has extensive competitive experience from her 15 years in the sport, winning a professional title in 2005 as well as establishing herself an an accomplished Official in multiple organizations.

In 2009 Jenypher became the first female Muaythai gym owner in North America with the opening of York Muay Thai in Toronto.

Director of Eastern Canada

James Richard

James has spent most of his life training in Muaythai, and held the position of Vice-President of CMTC-A as well as the team manager of Team Canada from 2011-2015.

He owns and operates 8 Limb Muay Thai in St. Johns, and has been actively involved in building a Provincial Sport organization in Newfoundland since 2009.