Due to exceptional circumstances and the evolution of COVID-19 in Canada, Muaythai Canada is calling for the suspension of all club activities for a minimum period of two weeks starting today, March 15th. Updates to the recommended closure will be provided, and possibly extended as COVID-19 advisories develop.

Current recommendations by medical professional are to

  • Practice social distancing, avoid all contact and stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) from others;
  • Drink regular fluids;
  • Cover all coughs & sneezes; and
  • Keep your space well ventilated and humidified.

It is in considering these recommendations and the close physical nature of Muaythai, that Muaythai Canada is issuing its recommendation to cease all training. These efforts are preventative, not corrective in nature, as symptoms of COVID-19 may not be apparent for up to 14 days – an otherwise healthy looking individual may not be aware they are spreading the virus.

We understand the exceptional hardship this places on Clubs and the uncertainty we all face going forward. Community and physical activity are essential to wellbeing, and we are working hard to find a balance between Clubs’ business and protecting the wellbeing of our collective community. This was a difficult decision, but the declaration of a global pandemic and the actions of our governments have made it clear that to protect our community, we need to minimize physical contact at this time.

Lastly, take care of each other; we all want our Clubs to be there when we come back at the end of this. We have seen the way clubs and members have supported another in the last weeks, and connections like these are what we need even more of in these isolating moments.

Yours in Muaythai,
Michael Reid
General Secretary, Muaythai Canada


288 cases of COVID-19 are now confirmed in Canada, with Ontario seeing the largest single day spike of cases in confirming an additional 39.

The Ontario Provincial Government has suspended all classes in public schools for the two weeks following march break (March 14th to April 5th) to slow the spread of the virus, and the Quebec Provincial Government has mandated the closure of all gyms, pools, and bars. Multiple provinces have issued orders against gatherings of more than 250 people.

Indivudals with COVID-19 may take up to 14 days to express symptoms, which is why it takes a group effort for the public to limit its contact with others for these two weeks.

The number of cases in Canada are growing exponentially, and the goal of social distancing is to slow this growth rate and flatten out the curve and have the number of new cases level off.

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