The registrations for the National Championships have been coming in strong, and with the huge number submitted (150!) Muaythai Canada is making some adjustments to better suit the athletes in the Championships and beyond.

National Championships Division Split

For the national Championships, Muaythai Canada will be splitting the Elite A (18-40) division in order to allow for better athlete development. The result is an “Qualifiers Class” division for athletes with 20+ contests experience, or any other athletes that wish to qualify for the Canadian National Team.


The rules of competition for each division will remain exactly the same, creating a developmental Elite A Class division for those not yet ready to perform on the world stage. All of the athletes currently registered in the Elite A division with less than 20 contests experience will receive an email from Muaythai Canada asking if they would like to move in to the Qualifiers Class division.

Qualifying for the National Team

In order to qualify for the National Team an athlete must be registered in the National Championships and be prepared to compete for placement- This is replacing the application process of previous years. If an athlete remains alone in a qualifying bracket they will move forward to the team selection. If an inexperienced athlete registers in an uncontested qualifying division they may be required to provide evidence of their ability to compete on an international level.

As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Khop khun kha(p),
Muaythai Canada

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