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2018 Youth World Championship

Tournament Dates: August 1st – August 10th, 2018

  • August 1st: Arrivals
  • August 2nd: 1st Official Medical & Weigh-in (PM)
  • August 3rd: Late Medical & Weigh-in (AM), Opening Ceremonies
  • August 4th: Competition
  • August 5th: Competition
  • August 6th: Competition
  • August 7th: Competition
  • August 8th: Cultural Rest Day, iGLA Course
  • August 9th: Finals Competition
  • August 10th: Departures

Tournament Venue: The National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand

Tournament Accommodation: The Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok

Important Deadlines:

  • June 22nd: Team application due to Muaythai Canada
  • June 29th: All documents due (Team contract, $200 deposit, passport scan, medical scan, pictures, etc)
  • July 13th: Early bird discount accommodation payment deadline

Estimated Cost: $2,576 to $3,125

Athlete Requirements

  1. Completed Youth National Team application
    • Full competitive record of all striking based combative sports, dates of competition, and names of opponents
  2. 2018 Muaythai Canada Membership
    • Expires December 31st, 2018
  3. 2018 Provincial Sport Organization Membership
  4. Completed Muaythai Canada Annual Medical Declaration or IFMA Medical Declaration, dated after February 3rd, 2018
    • Athletes ages 16 – 17 must have completed lab tests dated after February 3rd, 2018 for
      • HIV Surface Antibody (HIVAb)
      • Hepatitic C Surface Antibody (HCVAb)
      • Hepatitic B Surface Antigen (HBsAg)
  5. Travel passport valid for 3 months following the tournament

Athletes must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If a competitor has more than one nationality, such competitor can only represent one country and thereafter may not represent any other country until after a period of three (3) years has elapsed. Special exceptions may be allowed with cooperation of the secondary country’s National Federation.

Youth athletes ages 10-13 are recommended to have had 4+ contests experience. Youth athletes ages 14-17 are recommended to have had 10+ competitions experience with at least some international experience and experience competing under full Muaythai rules.

Application Deadline – June 22nd 2018

The Muaythai Canada Youth National Team application must be submitted online by the due date. Any required memberships must also be submitted by the same date. No late applications will be accepted.


The cost of applying is separate from any annual membership fees and is non refundable.

Other Important Dates

June 29th: All documents due (Team contract, $200 deposit, passport scan, medical scan, pictures, etc)

July 13th: Early bird discount accommodation payment deadline

Muaythai Youth World Championship Rules

Athletes ages are determined as at the date of the draw (August 3rd, 2018)

Division (Age) Round Times 8 Count Limit Notable Rules
Youth 16-17 3 x 2 minutes, 1 minute rest 2 in 1 round, 3 in whole bout
Youth 14-15 3 x 2 minutes, 1 minute rest 2 in whole bout
Youth 12-13 3 x 1.5 minutes, 1 minute rest 2 in whole bout No elbows or knees to the head
Youth 10-11 3 x 1 minute, 1 minute rest 2 in whole bout No strikes to the head

Weight classes for competition can be found on IFMA’s website at: www.ifmamuaythai.org/technical-reference/muaythai-rules/weigh-in-and-classification

Muay Boran Youth World Championship

Two athletes will work as a team to perform a choreographed Muay Boran demonstration. Each demonstration must include a 1 minute maximum of Wai Kru and 2 minutes maximum of Muay Boran technique. Teams performances will be evaluated/judged on the inclusion of all 8 weapons, execution, style & technique. Preliminary rounds will be held during the competition days in the ring with the final 3 teams performing for gold, silver and bronze on the main stage at the Gala Night event on the 31st of August.

Competitive Divisions
Under 10 Years 10-11 Years 12-13 Years

Wai Kru Youth World Championship

Each contestant will have 3 minutes to perform a Wai Kru demonstration for the judges. The contestant’s performance must integrate the fundamental elements of the traditional Wai Kru and will be judged on execution, technique and style. Preliminary rounds will be held during the competition days in the ring with the final 3 teams performing for gold, silver and bronze on the main stage at the Gala Night event on the 31st of August.

Competitive Divisions
Under 10 Years 10-11 Years 12-13 Years

Medical Certification, Official Weigh-In, & Reporting of Weight

All contestants competing in the Youth World Championship must pass medical certification and the official weigh-in on August 2nd. Each contestant must then pass medical certification and weigh-in in each morning they are scheduled to compete. Membership books must be presented at every medical certification.

All contestants must have in their possession, the IFMA Medical Declaration (or Muaythai Ontario/Canada) form signed by an authorized doctor of medicine. This medical form must be dated within 6 months of competition (February 3rd, 2018 or later). Athletes age 16-17 must also have HIV Antibody (HIVAb), Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), and Hepatitis C Antibody (HCVAb) test results completed after this same date. Female athletes must complete IFMA’s pregnancy declaration on the 3rd page of their medical form.

Participants that are entering only the Muay Boran or Wai Kru competitions are not required to submit to the medical check and do not need to submit the medical declaration form.

Appearance of Participants

A contestant participating in the Youth World Championship must wear the official IFMA YWC uniform shorts and sleeveless shirt in red or blue, according to his/her corner. The uniform must be purchased from IFMA at the Team Manager meeting. The contestant must wear a Mongkol (sacred headband) during the Wai Kru before the fight. An amulet may be worn around the upper arm or wrist but must be neatly covered. The contestant must wear the standard head-guard, gloves, shin guard and elbow guard as provided by the Organizing Committee. No others may be substituted. Contestants are required to wear their own groin-guard (male & female), breast protection (female only) & gum-shields. Toenails must be short.

Contestants participating in the Youth Muay Boran World Championship must wear the traditional Muay Boran attire.

Contestants participating in the Youth Wai Kru World Championship can either compete in traditional Muay Boran attire or Muaythai shorts.

Expected Tournament Costs

All amounts are estimated, and in CAD.

2018 Provincial Sport Organization membership Varies
2018 Muaythai Canada membership fee $50
Return flight to Bangkok $1,400 (as at June 14th 2018)
Hotel Accommodations (variety of rooms, includes food) $918 to $1,467
National Team Uniform $100
IFMA Competitive Uniform $80 (60 USD)
IFMA Boxer Book $14 (10 USD)
iGLA Course Registration $14 (10 USD)
Total Estimated Cost
$2,576 to $3,125

Official Accommodation – The Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok

Participants must stay in the official hotel otherwise they will not be accredited for competition. Accommodations are for the nights of August 1st to August 10th inclusive (9 nights). Accommodations include 3 meals per day.

Early room rates are only available to booking that are made prior to June 30th and paid by July 13th.

Room Type Price Per Room/Night Price Per Person/Night 9 Nights Stay Per Person
Early Two Person Room 5,000 THB (204 CAD) 2,500 THB (102 CAD) 22,500 THB (918 CAD)
Early One Person Room 3,500 THB (143 CAD) 3,500 THB (143 CAD) 31,500 THB (1,287 CAD)
Late Two Person Room 5,500 THB (224 CAD) 2,750 THB (112 CAD) 24,750 THB (1,008 CAD)
Late One Person Room 4,000 THB (163 CAD) 4,000 THB (163 CAD) 36,000 THB (1,467 CAD)

Arranging Flight, Travel, & Accommodations

Participants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and are welcome to arrive in advance of the mandatory dates, as well as stay after it’s conclusion. If a large group of participants (8+) is interested in sharing an itinerary, Muaythai Canada will explore group discounted travel options.

Participants who are not Canadian Citizens will need to determine whether they are required to obtain a visa to enter Thailand. If a visa is required, please apply for a visa at a Thai embassy or consulate prior to your travels.

Mandatory Medical Insurance

All team participants must provide proof of travel medical insurance encompassing the duration of the competition, having no exclusions for sporting incidents. Participants may purchase any insurance that meets these requirements.


Coaches who are current members in good standing with Muaythai Canada may apply by email to participate on the Youth National Team.


The tournament also presents an opportunity for officials (judges and referees) to increase their experience on an international level. If you are interested in traveling to the World Championships to participate as an official or gain more experience, please express your interest by contacting us.

Selection Criteria

The goal of Muaythai Canada is to send our country’s best and brightest young athletes to the Youth World Championships. Some athletes have already been qualified through the 2017 National Championships, and the remaining spaces may be filled by application. An athlete’s record, win:loss ratio, history of opponents, and other criteria will be weighed during the selection process. No specific favouritism will be shown towards amateur or professional athletes; the best athlete to compete on the international stage will be selected. Should any additional information be required the selection committee will reach out to coaches and athletes.

Only one competitor is permitted per competitive division and weight class. In order to assemble the largest and strongest team possible, some athletes/coaches may be contacted and asked to consider changing weight class or competitive division in order to accommodate additional competitors.

Selection Committee

The selection committee for Youth National Team will be comprised of the following members:

  1. Robin Finley, President
  2. Jason Fenton, Director of Western Canada
  3. Jenypher Lanthier, Director of Central Canada
  4. James Richard, Director of Eastern Canada

To avoid conflicts of interest, committee members will not be permitted to make decisions regarding their own athletes.

Apply for the 2018 Canadian Youth National Team


August 2, 2018
August 10, 2018
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