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The 2019 IFMA World Championship is hosted in Thailand again! Having the championship return to the home of Muaythai is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday and coronation of His Majesty King Rama 10.
His Majesty graciously granted the highest honour to the world championship – the Royal Trophy. Only the top two athletes (male and female) will be awarded this honour.
The Bangkok venue is a sight to behold. The Sports Authority of Thailand created a complex that will host three competition rings! There will be an expo-zone, fan zone, and entertainment throughout the championship week. Athletes can look forward to seeing the cultural and traditional elements of Muaythai.
Athletes will compete between July 20th to 29th, 2019.
Top athletes in certain weight classes may also be qualified to compete at the World Games 2021. 
Canada’s team has been training hard for this championship. Support the athletes by donating to their fundraisers. You can also follow each athlete’s journey on social media. Make sure to also follow @muaythaicanada!
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