On July 26th, 2019 history was made in the city of Bangkok when over 100 National Federations came together to re-brand IFMA in a historical unification of IFMA and the World Muaythai Council. Under the new branding IFMA will now be known as the International Federation of Muaythai Associations.

IFMA 2019 Logo

The new logo incorporates IFMA’s stance towards Gender Equality where the original logo displayed a male athlete. The new logo has been adapted to include a female athlete and show IFMA’s dedication towards the promotion of gender equality. Additionally, the logo carries “World Muaythai Council” written in Thai, recognizing the origins of combined organization. IFMA’s website and social media accounts are currently undergoing a transition to the new branding.

The World Muaythai Council was established in 1995 by the Royal Thai Government, and closely aligned with IFMA’s pursuit of the highest recognition in sport. Since inception the organizations worked together in partnership, with IFMA overseeing the amateur sport and WMC overseeing professional competition. The merger of the organizations now bring professional and non-professional Muaythai under one international governing body, recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

For more information on IFMA, please visit www.ifmamuaythai.org.

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