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Youth teams from all over the world are getting ready to become part of the largest Muaythai event dedicated to for junior athletes.

Canada makes history this year as it sends its first ever Junior National Team to the 2016 IFMA Youth World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. The team represents some of the most experienced junior athletes the country has to offer, with a collective 136 bouts between the young competitors.

Please welcome the successful applicants for Canada’s 2016 Junior National Muaythai Team!

Female Junior 12-13

42 kg – Kiauna Safranko of Kalsamrit Muay Thai (Ontario)

Female Junior 16-17

57 kg – Savannah Foden of Kalsamrit Muay Thai (Ontario)

Male Junior 14-15

40 kg – Riley Foden of Kalsamrit Muay Thai (Ontario)

48 kg – Tomas Scarfone of MAS Thai Boxing (Ontario)

63.5 kg – Taran Macvicar of TKO Fighting Arts (Ontario)

Male Junior 16-17

60 kg – Ethan Cook of Kalsamrit Muay Thai (Ontario)

These athletes will be involved in up to 6 days of competition in open brackets, as each day they face a new country on their journey towards gold. Alongside the Muaythai competition, the Youth World Championships will feature Muay Boran, Wai Kru, and Muay Aerobic World Championships where kids can demonstrate their skills in the traditional art of eight limbs highlighting a thousand year history of Muaythai and showing all the cultural elements of Wai Kru and Muay Boran techniques.

Congratulations again to the members of Canada’s first Junior National Team! Keep your eyes on these future stars.

-Muaythai Canada

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