Creating a safe sporting environment is a shared responsibility. As a sport grows, so does the need for tools to help manage the numbers of Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Clubs, and competition. Over 2,000 members have participated in nearly 100 Muaythai Canada affiliated competitions since 2017. This rapid growth has necessitated new policies, such as Muaythai Canada’s screening of Coaches & Officials, or new tools such as the Club Directory.

Muaythai Canada and the United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) share a border, as well as an understanding that international cooperation is needed in order to keep pace with the fast changing landscape of amateur Muaythai.

Kru Darwin Miranda of Muaythai Canada and Kru Bryan Popejoy of the USMF, 2018 Pan Am Championship. Photo: Jeff Dojillo, USMF.

To this end, Muaythai Canada signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with its neighbour to the south earlier this month. The agreement is the first of its kind for Muaythai in North America, establishing a standard for cross border memberships and information sharing. As a result of the agreement MTC and the USMF will be better able to track competitive records, injuries, and suspensions across the sport of amateur Muaythai.

The agreement sets out that

  • All Canadian Clubs, Athletes, Coaches, and Officials participating in USMF affiliated competition must be active members of Muaythai Canada in good standing;
  • All American Clubs, Athletes, Coaches, and Officials participating in MTC affiliated competition must be active members of the USMF in good standing;
  • To reduce the cost of dual MTC/USMF memberships each National Federation will create an Olympic Style Muaythai Competition Pass for out of country Athletes, Coaches, and Officials; and
  • Continually assess the activities undertaken by each organization to identify areas for improvement.

The agreement establishes a new precedent for cooperation between MTC and the USMF, and brings us closer to IFMA‘s vision of “One World. One Muaythai.”

Questions? You can contact us, or the USMF for more information.

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