Muaythai Canada has released a new annual medical declaration for Canadian competition that will see full implementation starting in 2017. Read on to learn how this affects you:

The Annual Medical Declaration: What is it?

The Annual Medical establishes a baseline for each athlete in advance of competition and serves as a reference point for the event physicians as they examine you before weigh-ins. It is not a replacement for your pre-competition examination, but a supplement to it, and should be completed by your primary physician- the individual who is most familiar with your medical history. The Annual Medical Declaration is used to pre-screen for conditions that would preclude an athlete from competition instead of leaving this to the day of, and should be brought with you to each competition along with your laboratory testing results.

A Unified Medical at the Provincial, National, and International levels

As athletes who have competed abroad can attest, nearly every organization has its own medical declaration. In an effort to simplify the process, Muaythai Canada has worked with IFMA to create a medical that can be utilized at any level of competition. Recognized Provincial Sport Organizations will be adopting the Muaythai Canada declaration as a standard allowing it to be re-used from local competition in a province all the way up to international competition with IFMA.

For competition within Canada a Medical Declaration must be current within 12 months prior to the date of competition. For use with international competition under IFMA, the Medical Declaration must be completed within the 6 months prior to competition.

What This Means for Alberta

Alberta has not historically completed an Annual Medical Declaration and instead favoured annual laboratory (HIV, Hep B, Hep C) testing in combination with a medical examination at each event. For the remainder of 2016 athletes competing in Alberta can continue to utilize the same Alberta Event Medical that has been used in previous years.

For Albertan athletes that are attending the National Championships that have not yet completed their medicals we would strongly encourage making use of the annual medical declaration.

What This Means For Ontario and Quebec

Athletes from Ontario and Quebec should be familiar with the Annual Medical Declaration as has been administered by their provincial sport organizations for the past two years, as it is a provincial government requirement for all combat sport athletes. Starting 2017 Muay Thai Ontario (MTO) and the Conseil de Muay Thai du Quebec (CMTQ) will be adopting the Muaythai Canada Annual Medical Declaration, unifying these organizations.

At the National Championships Muaythai Canada will accept valid MTO Annual Medical Declarations that have already been completed, however Ontarians should be aware: Muaythai Canada requires laboratory testing of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C to be completed in the 12 months prior to competition. If you are showing up to Nationals with a Muay Thai Ontario Annual Medical Declaration please be sure to bring your laboratory results.

A Word on Medicals

Muaythai Canada cares deeply about the health and safety of athletes not just in competition, but in training as well. We want all of our athletics to enjoy a long career in the sport of Muaythai and over the next few months will be conducting an extensive review of policies and practices across the country to ensure that topics such as head trauma, return to play, and safe weight management are well addressed.

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