At the end of August, Canadian nak muay Taylor McClatchie carries on a tradition established at the very first Chungu World Martial Arts Masterships – to travel across the world and compete as the lone Mountie in South Korea.

In 2016 Candice Mitchell represented Canada in Chungju, travelling from Thailand to South Korea, working with the Turkish team coaches, and taking gold in her division. It was a phenomenal display of the worldwide Muaythai community coming together to support an event and support its athletes in the spirit of sportsmanship.

This year Taylor comes fresh off her bronze medal win at the World Championship in Bangkok, and looks to shake up the 8 woman 60 kg division in Chungju with support from coaching staff from Mexico and the USA.

Pursuing the Olympic dream in Muaythai doesn’t always present you with the easiest or most convenient opportunities – but with an open mind (and flexible schedule) you may be surprised to find that the world is there to support you.

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