With the announcement that Muaythai Canada will be hosting the next athlete qualifiers for the WLF China event in Henan, it has come to our attention that some athletes had already been undergoing a qualification process with the event’s previous hosts.

We’re very sorry for the frustration that people are experiencing. We’re learning more about the different types of qualifying activities members had already been involved in – as well as the costs they’ve incurred – and we would like to help these athletes achieve their goals without additional financial burden.

If an athlete

  • Was already in the process of qualifying for competition in China;
  • Contacts info@muaythaicanada.org to provide information about what activities and expenses have already been incurred;
  • Registers for the Canada vs China Qualifiers by March 31st; and
  • Competes in the April 20th Qualifiers.

Then the athlete will be provided a full refund on their April 20th Canada vs China Qualifiers registration fee.

We’re very sorry that some people have been negatively impacted in any way; it is our goal to provide fair access competitive opportunities that don’t take advantage of participants.

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